District 4


Read where I stand on important issues and feel free to contact me to voice your opinion. — Charles

Medical Freedom

Vaccine manufacturers have legal immunity for injuries and deaths caused by the vaccines they produce. This has to change. In my first month in office, I will introduce a bill to restore their legal liability so they can be held accountable when their products cause serious harm. This will ensure that only truly safe vaccines make it onto the market in the United States.

Public health agencies have lost the trust of the American people and should no longer receive so much of our hard-earned money. It is Congress that funds the entire federal government and it is Congress that has oversight over all federal agencies. It is therefore the duty of the U.S. Congress to cut billions of dollars flowing into these agencies and return it to the American people, to whom it belongs. In my first term, I will propose to slash the annual budgets of the NIH, NIAID, CDC and FDA by 70 percent.
In my first term I will introduce legislation to prohibit high-level federal employees at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and all other federal agencies from taking any job in the industry they regulated for at least 10 years. This will close the revolving door of corrupt government regulators being rewarded with million-dollar jobs with the industry they were recently paid to regulate.


Americans have been lied to. The war in Ukraine didn’t start in February of 2022. Its origins were in the 1990s, with the drive by the CIA and State Department to pull Ukraine out of Russia’s orbit and to turn it against Russia. This was part of a larger plan by the Deep State to weaken Russia and ultimately regime-change it. We have now sent more than $113 billion to Ukraine and are closer to nuclear war than at any time since the 1960s. This insanity must stop. It is the responsibility of Congress, which controls all federal funding and is the only branch of government that can declare war, to step in. I will not vote to authorize one more dollar in American taxpayer money being sent to Ukraine and will join with other populist-conservative members of Congress in calling for an end to U.S. funding of the war, for all U.S. troops, advisors and intelligence agents to be called home, and for a peace agreement to be negotiated between Ukraine and Russia.

Since the Korean War in the 1950s, our country has been involved in one war after the other. After 9/11, invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq were followed by regime-change in Libya and then an attempted regime-change in Syria. We now have more troops deployed to Europe than at any time since World War II. Meanwhile, neocons have never given up on their push for war with Iran and have now begun to turn their attention to China. Enough! I will vote to bring our troops home and will never vote to send our troops abroad to fight when no American national security interest is at stake. It’s time we prioritize the needs of our own people and work to strengthen our economy so that middle class American families can again enjoy the standard of living they once did.

Federal Spending

Our government is now $33 trillion in debt. It is Congress that authorizes all spending and therefore Congress that is to be blamed for this gargantuan debt that could bankrupt our government and drive millions of Americans into poverty if we don’t make massive cuts in federal spending immediately. If elected I will call for the elimination of several federal agencies, including the Department of Education and the Department of Energy and will also call for the destruction of both the FBI and the CIA and for neither agency to be allowed to be reconstituted in any form, ever.


We will never get our country back if we don’t have fair elections. If elected I will introduce a bill to make the first Tuesday in November every two years a federal holiday and require that all voting in federal elections be held on this day. No more early voting. No more “voting month.” I’ll fight to restore voting in federal elections to ONE DAY. All voters who are physically able must show up at their precinct to vote in person on that day and that day alone. I will also support the elimination of all electronic voting machines and a return to voting on paper ballots only.

The WOKE mind virus

The woke mind virus is destroying our universities, our K-12 schools, and now, the U.S. military and many American corporations. No society can survive for long after denying objective truth and forcing compliance with lies about basic biology. If elected, I will stand for the truth and will not live by lies.