Hello, My Name Is

Charles Bookwalter

I’m running for Congress to be a voice for Liberty for people in Indiana’s 4th Congressional District.

I will:

Who I am &

What I've Done

I live in rural Boone County on a small homestead with my wife Beverly and our daughters Natalie, Josephine, and Sadie. We raise animals and grow a lot of our own food. I’m also a beekeeper, maintaining hives on our property since 2014.

I was born in 1976 and grew up in Vermillion County, graduating from Indiana University with a Bachelor of Science degree in legal studies and a minor in political science.

After 9/11 I answered President George W. Bush’s call to serve and enlisted in the U.S. Army Special Forces, serving as a Special Forces Senior Medical Sergeant.

I did two combat tours as a Green Beret and was awarded a Bronze Star for meritorious service as a member of the Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force-Afghanistan.


I worked in remote areas in Afghanistan as part of a small team of Special Forces operators. Our job was to train and fight alongside Afghans to defend their own communities, working as force multipliers using superior morale, training, and tactics.

I am a product of the best military training in the world and am grateful for that training, but I saw the limits of U.S. power and the danger when that power was used carelessly, such as when a native Afghan man our team had paid to help us set up a base was killed for money by his own countrymen.

I also saw that despite the billions of dollars spent every year on training and equipment, the U.S. military couldn’t forge a democratic nation from a tribal society.

Most obvious looking back was the lack of focus on a specific and achievable mission, leading to a senseless loss of life and a huge expense to our nation. I see this repeated again and again with our troops deployed in foreign conflicts that have nothing to do with us.


After returning to Indiana in 2012, I developed commercial property with a close friend in Clinton County, in the town of Frankfort.

From 2012 to 2021 I worked as a medical device representative, the last seven years with Intuitive Surgical, maker of the daVinci surgical robot system. My territory stretched from the VA hospital in Indianapolis west to Champaign, Illinois, covering much of the 4th Congressional District.

In 2017 I opened a Jimmy John’s franchise as the anchor store at the commercial property in Frankfort, and I remain the franchise owner to this day, often going in on weekdays to help the crew deliver lunch orders.

In Boone County where we live, my wife and I homeschool our three daughters and in my free time, I read history and practice Jiu Jitsu. I’m also a children’s Jiu Jitsu trainer, teaching a class that my daughters attend at a studio near our home.

We’re members of Lebanon Christian Church and I’m an active member of the patriot group In Libertas.


We are working in Boone County to take our county back for the people and making good progress. I’ve been a contributor to several liberty candidates and have volunteered my time on weekends, going door-to-door to talk with voters and to ask for their support for candidates who are committed to fight for them.

Many of them have won their elections in the last three years.

I’ve also gone to the Statehouse twice to testify in opposition to S.B. 4, the bill (now signed into law) that will give the Indiana Department of Health $200 million in additional funding and much more power over Hoosiers while rewarding the state for its disastrous response to Covid-19.

It’s hard to understand why our legislature would have passed this bill over the opposition of so many members of the public. But it’s clearly part of a bigger problem. Too many politicians are self-serving and too few of them are willing to risk their political careers and their reputations to do what’s necessary to preserve liberty and stop our nation’s rapid decline.

We are in peril. There is not much time left. This is the reason that in 2022, I filed to run for Congress in the 4th Congressional District, to primary sitting Republican Congressman Jim Baird.

Like many conservatives, I wanted to just work, take care of my family and enjoy the life we’ve built.

But then Covid-19 hit, and as our government put extraordinary pressure on small business owners like myself, I looked around and realized we had no one standing up for us.

No elected official in Indiana or in Washington, D.C., spoke up when I and other business owners were being pressured by our county health department to keep people six feet apart and force employees and customers to wear masks. No one who represents us objected to businesses being labeled as “non-essential” and shut down for weeks, or told us how we were supposed to pay our bills if we couldn’t work.

When it became clear that my employer, Intuitive Surgical, was going to impose a vaccine mandate on all employees, there was no one speaking up for the rights of Hoosiers to decide what is injected into their bodies. With no options, I resigned, leaving behind a great career.

It was then that I realized that I had to fight back.

Unfortunately, I was challenged and removed from the ballot in 2022 over the state’s new two-primary rule.

The two-primary rule, which was passed in 2021 by the Indiana General Assembly, says that a person must have voted in two party primaries or get his county chairman’s signoff to be eligible to run for office with that party affiliation – any office!

While in theory we can understand why a political party would want candidates who have been taking part in the party’s primaries on a regular basis, most Republicans in our state don’t vote in primaries because in many races, there is only one candidate to vote for: Only the incumbent is on the ballot.

It’s a cycle of disenfranchisement, with voters ultimately deprived of the ability to choose who represents them.

So I filed a lawsuit challenging the legality of the two-primary law. Our case has been winding its way through the courts and on March 30, was heard by a three-judge panel of the Indiana Appellate Court. In April, the court decided against us and I’m now appealing to the Indiana Supreme Court.

What I am

Fighting For

One thing I know: If we want to change this country, we have to have better candidates.

We have to have people willing to fight to preserve our liberty.

So I’ve decided to run again, and this time they won’t be able to keep me off the ballot.

I’m willing to work hard to earn your vote, and I humbly ask for your support.

Follow me and I will fight for your liberty with every last breath in me.

My Campaign


I will push for MASSIVE cuts in federal spending to pay down our $31 trillion in national debt and to save the country from out-of-control inflation that could bankrupt millions of middle-class Americans in the years to come.

If elected, I will author a bill to make Election Day a federal holiday and require all Americans to vote in person in their local precincts on one day only, and on paper ballots. Absentee ballots will once again be only for those who are overseas or others who can not physically get to the polls. We cannot continue to leave elections to voting machines that are essentially computers – computers that can be programmed by human beings with vote totals able to be changed, often remotely, by nefarious actors (Democrats).

I will also stand opposed, at every turn, to the “Woke” agenda, and will decry this evil mind virus that has crept into so many areas of American life, including education, business, and even the U.S. military.
We must all be able to speak freely, embrace objective truths, and honor the human dignity that is ours as children of a loving God.

Follow me and together, we will fight to get our country back.